unTill® Integration

Start here

1. Request NDA

First you need to request an NDA. This way we know who you are.

Request an NDA here

2. Sign NDA

After filling in the form you'll receive a sign request by email. You can sign this online.

3. Access our portal

You'll receive an email with the credentials to log in to our integrations portal. On our portal you'll find all documentation and you can create support tickets to get in contact with our experts.


4. Choose

Choose if you want to use our REST API or SOAP (deprecated). If you want to build your own unTill® driver, you need to use our SDK

5. Test environment

Create a support ticket to request access to our test environment. You also need a (test)token for our test environment

6. Start developing

You can create the integration with the programming language of your choice.
Happy coding! {'_'}


7. Production token

Create a support ticket to request a production token. We'll ask you for some details about your integration and afterwards provide a production token. This token can be used for all clients for the same integration.

8. Endpoint

To connect with live customers you need the endpoint of their location. The client or reseller can help you with that. They also need to provide the user credentials.

9. Let us know!

We like to hear from you when everything is up and running. We can also mention your integration on our website.